[toggle style=”default” title=”How do I let you know what I want to rent?”] On the inventory list we have an ever-growing photo album of all our inventory. At the corner of each item is an icon which, when clicked, adds it to your personal wish list!  When you are done browsing the things you like, click on ‘Wishlist’ to review the items, print them out for yourself, and then fill out the simple form on that page to get our price list — easy-peasy!  Afterwards, simply contact us to finalize the order and set dates.
[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”Can I change my order?”] Absolutely! Up to a week before you need the items.
[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”Is there a security deposit?”] Yes. It will be based on the total value of your rental order.
[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”What is the Rental deposit?”] Not a deposit, per se, but 50% of the total balance of your order is due when you place your order.  This secures the items for you; the balance is due the week before your event.
[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”Do you deliver?”] We deliver from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara. Call if you are outside that area; we are open to discussion!

[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”Can I pick it up myself?”] Yes; we can help load and tie down if necessary.

[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”Uh oh. It broke. Now what?”] We hate when this happens, but understand that it does. In cases of breakage or loss, the replacement value will be deducted from the security deposit.
[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”What if I’m not really sure what I want?”] Please give us a call! We have a staging area, and we can play together with our inventory to come up with new and unique ideas.

[/toggle] [toggle style=”default” title=”I have an idea. Can you help me make it?”] Uh, YES! We LOVE this part! We have all sorts of creative and mechanical implements to create everything from your paper and fabric designs to wood and metal items! If you can dream it up, we can embellish on it!
[/toggle] [separator type=”simple”] [testiominalscontainer] [testiominals name=”Deanna Webster”]you are like the Best of the BEST. Amazing the things you pull together.

[/testiominals] [testiominals name=”Judy Watkins”]This is the amazing woman behind Embellish, Judi Powers. Thank you for making Devon and Tim’s wedding so perfect!
[/testiominals] [testiominals name=”Dianne Berner-Connor”] Nice Judi!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO MORE!
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